How to Automate Comparisons

Saving (recording) Comparison Session

The comparison session needs to be recorded first so that it will be possible to replay it later with the command line.

To record a comparison process please click the button "Save" present on all screens displaying the results of the comparisons.

When saving the process, SCT automatically generates Comparison Id, which is needed when running SCT from the command line.

Command Line Parameter

The syntax for the command line is simple: /RunSavedComp n, where n indicates the Id of the saved comparison.

Here is an example of a command-line parameter:

"C:\Program Files\SQL Server Comparison Tool\sct.exe" /RunSavedComp 4

where 4 represents the Id of the comparison process to be run.

Replaying Comparison Session

You can run pre-saved comparison from the script, scheduler or any other utility that can launch SCT with the command line.


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