The toolbar provides quick access to the most common operations and commands.
Using a mouse, you can perform tasks quickly and easily by choosing buttons on the toolbar.

Connect to the Server

1. Connect to the Server
Connects to SQL Server. Please note that before connecting for first time you have to add SQL Server to SCT.

Select Object Type

2. Select Object Type
Allows for selection of active objects. By default the selection is set to Tables, but you can change it by expanding the list (by clicking on the small arrow displayed on the right side) and selecting one of the object types: Tables, Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers, Relationships.

Compare Sel. Proc.

3. Compare Sel. Proc.
Performs comparison of currently selected objects (if current object type is Tables, active Tables are being compared; if currently selected objects are Procedures, active Procedures are compared, etc).

Compare All Objects

4. Compare All Objects
Displays dialog box which lets you specify which objects you want to compare. Let's assume that all Tables and all Procedures were selected from the list - clicking Compare button starts comparison process, which results in generating detailed report.

Compare Data

5. Compare Data
This button works only when current Object Type is set to Tables. Clicking this button results in performing comparison of data stored in selected tables and displaying detailed report. Please note that comparison of data can be performed only if both Tables have the same structure (the same number of columns, all corresponding columns having the same data type).


6. Help
Opens the SQL Server Comparison Tool help file
Please note that SQL Server Comparison Tool has optionally mouseless interface - anything you can do with mouse, you can do also by using just keyboard. For list of shortcuts see Keyboard Shortcuts section.